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– an initiative of Karkhana –

BeeCreative is an initiative of an education company and makerspace – Karkhana. Through this program we aim to provide practical hands-on learning experience to middle school students.

BeeCreative is an in-school co-curricular and extra curricular initiative of Karkhana designed to support schools to integrate the 21st century
skills into their teaching-learning practices. Through hands-on and minds-on creative education, we aim to raise curiosity in students about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Maths. The easiest way to understand BeeCreative is to think of it as the “achar” that enhances the taste of regular “daal-bhaat”.

Our Mission

BeeCreative (BC) is a co-curricular program designed to bring stimulating hands-on experiences into the classroom. These experiences do not replace the regular curriculum, instead, they enhance it. BC raises students’ curiosity about what they learn in their regular Science, Computing, OBT and Math classes. By getting students excited about these topics, BC increases their willingness to learn in regular classes.

We often describe the BeeCreative program through an analogy. To grow into healthy adults, children need nutritious meals. For us in Nepal, that meal would be some lovingly prepared ‘dal’, ‘bhat’, and ‘tarkari’. Yet, we all know that just having daal, bhat, tarkari everyday can get boring. That is why we invented ‘achaar’ – to make meals more interesting and increase our willingness to eat necessary nutritious food.

Meet our People

A team of eccentric young minds, the BeeCreative team brings together people from all disciplines, and practices. The team works together cohesively day and night to tackle the gaps in the Nepalese education system. This team does not just push boundaries, but first and foremost exists for its people. This team does not just uplift our education system, but in the process pushes its member to their best.

Our Teachers

Sangden Lama
Teaching Team Lead
Sangden has always of dreamed of being a social activist that can change society. She sees working with young minds as a way to live this dream. As young girl Sangden hated science and math because she thought both subjects were hard and boring. After spending time at Karkhana as a Maker Mentor she grew to understand how they can be taught in a fun, engaging way that makes them relevant to daily life. Her favorite part of being a teacher is helping other young girls develop her new found love for science, math and technology.
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Anuradha Shrestha
Senior Teacher
Anu’s two favorite activities are reading and listening. She feels that doing plenty of both those activities make her a better teacher. Anu had never thought of being a teacher but enrolling in the Maker Mentor program at Karkhana changed her mind. She earned Bachelors Arts in Social Work and Rural Development from Tri-Chandra College. Her favorite part of being a teacher is it allows her to relive moments of her student life again that way she wished back then? Seeing her students understand new ideas and learn something from her.
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Rupesh Bhattarai
Senior Teacher
A classroom is one of Rupesh’s most favorite places to be in. He thinks that a lot of the problems in the world can be solved in primary classroom by empathetic teachers. Rupesh started reading child magazines in kindergarten, developed a love for writing in the second grade, an unquenchable awe and enthusiasm to learn science when he was a fourth grader. His favorite part of being a teacher is getting his students as excited about reading as he is.
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Sonam Tamang
Senior Teacher
Sonam believes that the secret to a healthy life is creating and practicing one's art everyday. He puts this belief into action as a dedicated painter who works on his canvass almost everyday. Sonam has a Bachelors in Development studies from National College, Kathmandu University. His favorite part of being a teacher is having his students realize that creativity is not just one moment of inspiration but comes with practice, patience, and dedication.
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