Fun with Electronics

Major Curricular ties:
Science: Electricity and Magnetism, OBT: Crafts

Circuits are in every electronic device we use. What are some creative ways in which we can use circuits?

The Fun with Electronics series has eight sessions that explores wide range of fun application of electronics. Students explore how circuits might be used in crafts, they learn how to design a scientific experimentation tool, create soft circuits that don’t use wires.

Conductor Insulator: Students will make instruments that can detect the flow of current. They will learn about conductors and insulators by using this device to explore a range of materials.
LEDs and Crafts: Students will integrate paper crafts with LEDs and batteries, developing an understanding of open and closed circuit in the process.
Electric Maze: Students will learn the concept of open and closed circuit by making an electric maze game.
Vibrator motor bot: The students will figure out how a vibrator motor works by making a dancing robot.
Understanding Resistance: Students will discover the effects of resistance by observing brightness of LED paired with different resistors.
Electric path: Students will learn about series and parallel connections of electric load by making fun paper circuits.
Conductive Me: Students will learn that the human body is conductive by turning themselves into a circuit.
Musical Circuit: Students will learn about working of a speaker and circuits that can store music by making their own musical circuit.
Make a Dynamo: Students will learn how electricity is produced by using a motor as a dynamo and glow few LEDs.

This series supports the following concepts mandated by the Govt. of Nepal for grades 6-8
Electricity and Magnetism
Source of electricity -Battery/ cells
Conductor Insulator
Open, closed and short circuit
Series and parallel connection
Application of electricity
Electricity production

BeeCreative Criteria Stars
Creativity: 3
Collaboration: 5
Communication: 5
Critical Thinking: 3.5
Hands-on: 5


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