Energy Essentials

Everything is energy. Let’s learn about different forms of energy and how their transformation govern our day to day life.

1.Energy Review
The students will reflect on their understanding of energy transformation by making an interactive set up to review their understanding.

2.Rubber Powered Car
Students will understand energy transformation (potential to kinetic) by making a rubber powered car.

3.Gravity Superhero
The students will learn about gravitational potential energy and kinetic energy making a gravity powered superhero character.

4.Magnetic loop spinner
Students will learn about transformation of vibrational energy from one object to another by making a spinner which spins due to transfer of vibration.

5.Balloon Hovercraft
Students will understand the working of a hovercraft and observe transformation of energy by making a mini hovercraft of their own.

6.Drop to Pull
Students will try to understand the relationship between Gravitational Potential Energy with height and mass by performing an experiment with load and height.

7.Rube Goldberg machine
Students will demonstrate their understanding of potential and kinetic energy by creating their own examples for both energy

Students will understand energy transformation (potential to kinetic) by making a catapult.

9.Magnetic Spinning Pencil
Students will learn about the concept of repulsion, attraction and transformation of energy by making a magnet powered spinning pencil.

10.Gravity Cart
Students will build a cart powered by gravitational potential energy while trying to understand the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy.

Curriculum Ties :
Forms of energy
Energy transformation
Scientific process
Wheel and axle
Properties of magnet


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