A Taste of Honey in the Hive!

Bees and humans have a similarity. Researchers have found out that when it comes down to taking chances and risky decisions, they are both likely to gamble on risky courses of action – when the differences between the possible outcomes are distinct. Not relevant to what I am about to tell you but I just wanted to share that with you.

A Taste of Honey is a series of sessions we recently started at BeeCreative, Karkhana. I went in to the very first iteration of the session to listen to the ideas being shared by the participants. The participants were being introduced to the hive- Karkhana- after a brief tour. With curiosity and ideas bubbling inside them, the participants (here onwards addressed as new-bees) voiced their questions and ideas openly. And there I was at the corner, having a taste of honey, literally- brought straight from Dang.

The new-bees had been invited to the hive for the special honey-tasting session not just to get to tour the hive but also to get to see the bees in action. And while doing all that, they would also get to develop a better sense of flight, a better sense of movement and all the mechanisms involved in it. The new-bees watched bees of all ages work hard to produce honey for the hive. The session wouldn’t just be about the honey produced, it would be about the whole experience involved for the production.

Enough with the analogies now.

A Taste of Honey is designed with the idea of “Sharing Beyond”- participants from various backgrounds without any age restriction are welcome. To get the first hand experience of our work, they will be attending mock classes where they get to put their voices, hands and minds in action. Besides this, there will be a critical reading and sharing session, and a “Science Day” event during the session.

If you are someone who is enthusiastic to create a learning experience that you wished you had when you were younger, this is your chance! Also, if you are someone who wants to be a part of the drive that aims to change education for good, this is your call! Come join us for the taste of honey at our hive!

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