BeeCreative at CAN InfoTech 2018

BeeCreative was a part of CANInfoTech-2018 that concluded yesterday on January 30th. We had a lot of engaging activities in our stall for the past five days – Balancing Act, Building Cards, Electric Maze, Scribbler Bot, Tangrams. With active participation from the visitors and even from neighboring stalls, we had a really fun learning experience. Here’s what Samaya has to share as a BeeCreative representative throughout these five days of CANInfoTech-2018!
Kavya was an eight years old visitor at our stall today. He stayed with us for over three hours that day, trying to learn more about the activities we had there. He kept trying to balance the tip of the pencil on top of another for the Balancing Act, multiple times until he was successful. Also, he shared his logic behind that- stating it was probably because of the presence of equal forces on both pencil tips. He was a boy with few words. But he sure did learn new things with us that day!
We had a lot of differently-abled visitors this day. They all actively participated in our activities and appreciated our approach of bringing about an innovative change in education. This really inspired all of us present at the stall. It is from moments like these that we get the motivation to do more and do better.
Because this was a Saturday, we had more visitors. There were only rare moments where we could actually breathe. Not complaining, though. Because we had really interested visitors in our stall, who kept coming back to us multiple times throughout the day because they wanted to learn more, new things.
The neighboring stall to ours was of Rotract Nepal. On the fourth day, the visually impaired exhibitors from this stall came to visit us. It was a different experience- having to describe what activities we had and engaging them in those activities. I verbally explained everything to them in detail and let them feel all activities we had to let them have an idea of what we had taken to CAN InfoTech 2018.
On the final day of CAN InfoTech 2018, a lot of other exhibitors visited us and appreciated us for our commendable presence throughout the five day event. Confirming our contact details, these fellow exhibitors promised us a visit in future saying they were really happy to see our approach in education. We also met a few youth activists who told us they’d like to take our program to a few schools they knew – some they themselves studied in- because they were really inspired by our approach to education.

From parents revisiting our stalls trying to learn how they could teach The Balancing Act to their children at home, to students coming up with a lot of curious questions, to teachers and other young educators and innovators who appreciated our idea and neighboring exhibitors who were amazed by the ever-growing crowd of visitors in our stall and the energy we emitted all five days, BeeCreative had an amazing time at CAN Info Tech-2018!

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