CAN Info Tech 2018

Just when I thought I couldn’t, I realized I CAN.

This year at CAN Info Tech 2018, BeeCreative had its first exposure. The team went to CAN with fresh spirit and energy to present Bee creative to a varied audience. Gathering stories and smiles, the team was also successful to be the number one crowd puller in the event. From children who were fascinated by the pencils balancing on top of each other, to elders who were amazed by the musical bananas, our activities engaged visitors from all age groups. Among the stories and experiences we gathered throughout CAN Info Tech 2018, here we will be sharing a few moments that our team found really interesting!

“A couple policemen from the Nepal Police walked into our stall at CAN and participated in the maker based activities. They were all actively involved in those activities and also praised us for our effort to introduce innovative ideas for education.”

“I enjoyed how all the visitors were so concentrated in the activities we had at the stall. They all wanted to learn something from us and their determination to learn something new was very commendable.”

“I was surprised by the participation of elderly visitors at our stall. They were all supportive of our teaching, learning philosophy and also curious and willing enough to come learn new things from us.”

“Almost all of the visitors at our stall kept asking me if they could operate a laptop through a piano. Taking “Banana Piano” to the event helped us attract a good, curious crowd. I had a good time explaining the science behind the “Banana Piano”.”

“This year, CAN didn’t just provide a platform for sellers and buyers to market products at a good price but also created a platform for organizations and start-ups to build network and pitch their ideas to a wide variety of audience. It was good experience for us at CAN. Getting such a large scale exposure during the span of just five days wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for CAN.”

“I really liked the energy that our team exhibited during the event. It was really commendable!”

“There was this one little child who was actually shorter than the table.”

Sushan :
“The little kids were really curious and tried to do all the activities. It was an extreme pleasure to watch the kids ask different questions about the hands on activities. The interest level of the children, furthermore motivated the team to become more active and involved.”

Shebu :
“While I was in charge of the “Building with Cards” activity, a group of college students came to the stall. The students were very keen to do the activity and attempted multiple times. Even after being able to build a structure, the college students kept on asking questions about the activity and the reason as to why we carry out activities like these. Their questions and determination to complete the task made me reflect and question my own preconceived ideas. I always believed that adults aren’t willing to unlearn ideas. However, this particular experience made me realize that age is merely a number and how it’s never late to learn new things.”

Samaya :
“A group of visually impaired students showed up in the balancing act stall. At first, I was hesitant about how I would carry out this. Slowly their determination and excitement gave me the confidence in conducting the balancing act activity with them. They kept trying and finally, they were able to balance the two pencil tips. This experience was inspiring and surreal and made me happy and proud.”

Dikshant :
“There was a kid who came in to observe the ‘Banana Piano’. He asked if the bananas were used to charge the laptop and I replied with a no. This made him more inquisitive and when I told him that the bananas were used as keys to a piano, he played them again and again. His interest in the piano led him to visit other stalls of BeeCreative as well as registering his name for BeeCreative classes. To my surprise, he came to the stall for the second time along with his father. This really touched me.”

Mamata :
“The ‘Banana Piano’ stall attracted a lot of people of different age groups. Some people were in our stall to solely observe and play the ‘Banana Piano’. After finding the ‘Banana Piano’ interesting, they also visited other stalls we had.”

Tsundu :
“There were people who were merely just passing by our stall but had stopped by to play the electric maze game. Something that I found even more interesting was the fact that even elderly people were engaged in this game. They were so hooked that they only left after succeeding in it. Their curiosity was commendable and made me extremely happy.”

Nikesh :
“In the ‘Building with Cards’ activity, people were trying extremely hard to build the tallest tower. They were using different tactics in order to make the tower. Visitors of age group ranging from 8 to 60 were hooked to our stall.”

Ojaswi :
“Unlike other years, this time CAN was very engaging as well as informative. This time, CAN also had startups and organizations that were willing to provide information about what they are doing.”

“It was 4:45, we were about to pack up, just when I was about to do so, a little girl showed up and hung around the balancing act, she tried her best to balance pencils using her cute little hands. She stayed with me for 15 minutes, we talked and I randomly asked, “Timilai ma manparcha?”
She squeezed her eyes a little, frowning, “Ahhan manpardaina?”
“Hajur ko gala ma spots cha!””

Prarthana :
“A highlight of my CAN experience was when a 7 year old boy kept trying to solve the tangram puzzle despite taking a lot of time. He tried to solve the puzzle without giving up. The boy was unwilling to go despite receiving constant nags from people. He finally solved the puzzle after 2 hours. This made me reflect that determination to succeed wins over talent and why not giving up is so crucial. The boy spent all his day in the BeeCreative section. He even called his father and showed all the activities taking place in our section. His enthusiasm really touched me and helped me see things in a broader manner.

“There was a man who was probably in his 60s who solved the tangram puzzle. This was something that really struck me. This made me realize that the maker based activities are not limited to age and would interest people of any age.

Shweta :
“A memory from CAN that I vividly remember is of is cleaning up.”

Prayog :
“There were so many people who were interested in the maker based activities and BeeCreative irrespective of their age. This was really thought provoking.”

Shrijan :
“I had taken a guitar to the fair. Since I had a guitar, we played both the ‘banana piano’ and the guitar simultaneously. It was like a mini concert and because of that a lot of people came to the ‘banana piano’ stall. This was fun as well informative for the people.”

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