A Taste of Honey series for Magh

Ms. Aakriti Thapa, a BeeCreative teacher, successfully conducted the Magh session of “A Taste of Honey” (ATH) with the support from her co-facilitators: Ms. Preity Shrestha and Mr. Sajeet Paudel. I recently had a short conversation with her to know about her experience as the facilitator for the two days long session. Here, I will share with you some memorable insights that she shared with me.

  • The presence of participants of a varied age group and experience who came in as individuals with their own ideas and stories to share, all worked together in teams just like in our BC classes.
  • They all had a really positive “back-to-school” vibe in them which also made them feel happy to be a child all over again.
  • Sujit Baraili, a teacher from Lalbandhi, shared his delight in realizing that how important it is to appreciate the effort that students make to complete any task- be it a learning, or a project or an assignment within the given time limit.
  • Ms. Binita Pandey, who is a parent of one of our students from the KIC class, took the extra mile to create a really crafty greeting card. What Aakriti found even more surprising was that, all of the participants had written little note of gratitude in it! Just how lovely is that!

Aakriti also went on to add how ATH has helped create a platform for all to form a bond and also appreciate the experience and express gratitude openly even if there was some hesitancy before.

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