Fun With Electronics Reloaded

Description: In Fun with Electronics cluster, students learnt about electrical circuit and use of some simple components.  The ‘Fun with Electronics Reloaded’ series has sessions that add to their prior knowledge from previous cluster.


  • Conductive me: Students will learn and experience that human body is conductive by making a simple circuit.


  • How remotes work: Students make their own remote control to explore the basic concept behind how TV remote works.


  • Night light: Students explore and learn how automatic Night lamps function and explain it using mini model of a automatic lamp.


  • Mood Meter: The students will learn about open and closed circuits by making their DIY switch while exploring the combination of colors.


  • Understanding capacitor: Students will understand the function of capacitor by making a circuit where capacitor can be charged and discharged.


  • Voice controlled system: Students will understand the phenomenon about how the microphone operates by observing the voice controlled circuit.


  • Switch it on: Students will know about the different types of switches that are used in our homes and their uses by making simple circuits.


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