Let there be light

  1. Projector: Students will learn about the properties of the image formed by a convex lens by making a projector.
  2. Art with light: Students will understand rectilinear propagation of light and formation of shadows by making a device that makes different art with light from LEDs.
  3. Pinhole camera: Students will learn about real image formation by making a pinhole camera.
  4. Bend the light:  Students will understand refraction and its properties by using a laser light to see how light bends while passing through different mediums.
  5. Periscope: Students will learn about the reflection of light and how light rays can change direction by making a periscope.
  6. Telescope: Students will observe and understand working of convex lens by making an astronomical telescope.
  7. Kaleidoscope: Students will understand reflection of light by mirrors by making a kaleidoscope toy.
  8. Let’s Reflect: Students will understand and verify the laws of reflection by using a mirror and acrylic kits.
  9. Stereoscope: Students will understand the working and use of convex lenses by making a Stereoscope (3D viewer) which enhances the illusion of depth.
  10. Spectroscope: Students will understand spectrum of light by making a Spectroscope to view spectrum in different kinds of light.

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