Machines in Action


  • Classify Levers
    The students will reflect on how levers simplify our work by observing and classifying  different types of levers into different categories.
  • Limbs as Levers
    The students will reflect on applications of a lever by making models of their limbs.
  • Beam Balance
    Students will understand compound/complex machine by making a complex machine of their own.
  • Story Scroll
    The students will reflect on applications of a wheel and axle by making a conveyor belt.
  • Foo Machine
    Students will learn concepts related to wheel and axle by exploring series of questions related to the functioning of a wind turbine.
  • Cam on Wheels
    The students will explore the functioning of a cam mechanism by making a model car.
  • Building with Screw
    Students will learn how to use screws by making different objects using acrylic designed kits and screwdrivers.
  • Tilted Towing Test (Inclined Plane)
    Students will learn about the advantage of using an inclined plane and a pulley to lift a load. They will also learn about the relationship of the angle of inclination and the counterweight required to pull a load through the plane.
  • Move it left, Move it right
    The students will reflect on how linear motion can be converted into a to and fro motion by making a pulley and conveyor belt mechanism.
  • Gears
    The students will explore and discover the working of gears by designing an interconnected gear system.



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