Making Things Move

Description: The Making Things Move series experiments with various ways of animating objects for both the arts and sciences. Students explore a wide range of activities from imitating the motion of human muscles to making wheel and axle systems.



  1. Motors: Students will learn about various applications of the motor by using it to make their own product.
  2. Zoetrope: Students will learn how animations were created before computer by making a Zoetrope.
  3. Straw muscles: Students  will learn how muscles function by making a prototype of human hand using straws and string.
  4. Loop Glider: Students will be able to learn to make their own loop glider and learn about various factors affecting the flight.
  5. Automaton: Students will learn a technique to translate circular motion into linear motion by making an automaton.



  1. Balloon powered car: Students will learn about Newton’s third law of motion by making a paper car powered by balloon.
  2. Vibrator Motor Bot: Students will try to understand the cause effects of vibration by making their own vibrator motor bot.
  3. Single Motor Bot: Students will learn about direction of current flow in a simple motor circuit by creating their own single motor bot.
  4. Force Meter: Students will go through a scientific process to understand the relationship between mass of a body and force required to move it.

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