Seeing is believing


  • Ames Illusion
    The students will learn about how optical illusions trick our minds by making an Ames room.
  • Braille
    The students will reflect on how blindness affects human lives by experiencing how visually impaired people can read texts.
  • Color Mixer
    Students will understand how different primary colors mix to form other colors by making a color mixer toy.
  • Moire Pattern
    The students will learn about Moire pattern by making animations using the concepts involved.
  • Path of Light
    The students learn about the total internal reflection of light by experimenting with different liquid solutions.
  • Peripheral vision
    Students will understand the peripheral vision of human eye by performing an experiment and finding their own periphery of vision.
  • Reverse Letters
    Students explore and learn about vertical symmetry and horizontal symmetry of alphabets and various objects using mirror.
  • Spin to see
    Students will understand how our eyes view the illusion of continuity by making a pattern on a spinning disc.
  • Thaumatrope
    Students will understand how animations work due to persistence of vision by making a Thaumatrope (an animation optical toy from 19th century).
  • Color Wheel
    Students will discover that light is a combination of 7 different colors by making a rotating color wheel and testing different color combinations.



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