Structure and Stability

Description: The Structure and Stability series includes structural design activities. These activities challenge students to create complex structures using very basic materials while keeping firmness or balance or stability of structure.



  • Paper bridge test
    Students will experience how strength of a paper beam can be improved  by varying its geometric shape while making a bridge using a A4 Paper to hold some metal bars across piles of books.
  • Tangrams
    The students learn about different geometrical shapes and their properties in a tangram by making various characters using the shapes.
  • Shapes(2d to 3D)
    Students will learn properties of 2D and 3D shapes by converting 2D shapes into 3D.
  • Popup cards
    Students will learn about paper folding techniques by making their own pop up cards.



  • Paper pillar test
    Students will experience how strength and stability of a paper pillar is influenced by its geometric shape by making different paper pillars using a A4 Paper to hold maximum number of notebooks.
  • TMPI
    Students will discover the TMPI design cycle by building tallest and widest structures from lego blocks.
  • Balancing act
    Students will know about balancing point (center of gravity) of different objects by balancing one pencil on the tip of another pencil and introduced to center of gravity.
  • Strawbees
    The students will discover structure with triangles are most stable by making windmills using straws and connectors.


Curricular ties


  • Science
      1. Weight and balancing
      2. Centre of Mass and Centre of Gravity
      3. Stability of objects


  • Maths
      1. Various shapes
        1. 2D/3D
        2. Square, triangle, circle
        3. Net diagrams of 3D models
  • Others
    1. Paper construction works
    2. Drawing and coloring
    3. Creative arts
    4. Paper cutting techniques
    5. Design thinking process of product design

Cool home experiments and projects to try out

Make your own paper bridge!! You can use papers and glue to build a bridge. The bridge consists of only papers, and weighs only 13 grams but can hold more than 800 grams of weight. Try it in your home!!

Students can also balance two forks on the tip of a glass using a food stick or a toothpick.  Watch the video!

Students can draw and cut out a drawing and make a frame as well where a ballerina will be balanced. You can try and balance a different character. Remember, this experiment also requires stick magnets.

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