My new friend…

“I wish I were invisible,” I always said to myself. Whether it was a party, gatherings, or during my presentation, I had a constant motto: be invisible. Sitting at the corner, or at the last, where even light can barely show up, I used to be there, invisible to the world. “Why are you afraid of expressing yourself, or talking in front of the crowd? Will they eat you up if you do so?” Mom had a great concern. Actually, I had a bubble around me, which was my world, only accessible to friends and family, but not until I befriended Karkhana.

Karkhana and I met through a common friend, Yogesh. She was unique; her eyes seemed 100 years older than her voice which was sweeter like a child, and her smile, it was like seeing a thousand stars at a time. She cherished four values: We exist for our people (her friends always supported her. So did she), we evoke emotions through our work (everything she did gave happiness to others), we push boundaries in everything we do (she never stopped her explorations), and sharing beyond to catalyze change and innovation (she always chose “ours” instead of “mine”). I loved to call us, “Opposite poles of magnet”. What happens when same poles of two magnets placed together? They rotate. She made me visible to everyone, breaking the bubble and I became one of the many stars to her universe.

I had many memories with her and our friends. One of which is “Presentation Karaoke”. It happened after a week we met. She had organized it so that I would learn to present, express myself to others. A series of random pictures flashed on the projector and we had only 10 seconds per picture to speak. Rupesh, her friend who later became my friend too, moderated the session. There were also some of her new friends, who presented so well. Now it was my turn. I walked at the front looking the colorful photos around the wall. I had a mixed feeling of happiness, a lot of excitement and a pinch of nervousness that felt good actually. “Good afternoon! I’m Chandani,” I started. Those happy faces made me feel comfortable, and smile, see myself from their eyes during my 3-minute presentation.

After the session, it was lunchtime. We sat around the hanging table. Yes, hanging table, one of the many wonders of Karkhana. It doesn’t have legs unlike its table family and held by four jute ropes tied at the ceiling. This gives festive vibes to everyone, will give it to you as well. Call me out when you come to visit Karkhana, my new friend!

Chandani Rana

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