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BeeCreative at Himalayan WhiteHouse World School 2074

  • Ram Bhandari is a Science teacher at Himalayan Whitehouse School. He has been teaching Maths and Science to middle school students for over 5 years. He shared some instances in which BeeCreative classes have helped him explain science concepts better. He mentioned, “My students say that BeeCreative teachers make the classes fun and through the fun activities we also learn new things.” When he’s teaching a science lesson, he has noticed multiple times his students say, “We learned that in BeeCreative classes”. He then added “So this connection the students make with the hands on experience from BeeCreative classes make my job easier as a Science teacher. For instance, when I was teaching circuits in Electricity chapter, there was a figure of a torch light that had a switch. And my students told me they had learned this in BeeCreative classes. So instead of just relying on the figure in the book, the experience of the students making the circuits themselves, made it easier for me to explain my lessons clearly.” We are so glad the Bee Creative classes have made many impacts on the students and teachers! 🙂 #whitehouse #teacherkaleidoscope

  • Learning is a continuous process that stimulates and empowers individuals. Learning becomes a habit when you acquire new and better forms of knowledge that keeps you curious and leads you for an adventure in pursuit of knowledge that is limitless. #whitehouse Himalayan WhiteHouse World School

  • Kids making their own simple machine by using gears

  • Kids learning about gears and sharing why simple machines are important for carrying out our work efficiently in everyday life.

  • Kids making their own simple machine by using gears