Alok Vidhyashram

BeeCreative at Alok Vidyashram 2074

  • "Give me a paper and pen, and i will paint what my world looks like". Art is about freedom of imagination where your infinite and impossibilities are dissolved to null with the power of your creativity,you create your own empire,world full of your dreams;a pathway to everything #Ledandcraft ALOK Vidyashram #alok

  • 'Students have created a pathway by using straws and connectors, and this activity is called Strawbees. It enhances their creativity and allows them to collaborate and work in a team. It also helps them to come up with new ideas to solve traffic related problem in Kathmandu! :)' - Satish Sah

  • This pair of students at ALOK Vidyashram had divided their tasks pretty well. While one team member was using connectors and straws to build complex structures, the other was deeply involved on improving her cutting skills. The students in second grade didn't just find #strawbees engaging, but also found a way to develop their motor and team working skills. #3rdseptember #alok

  • The students form Alok had a wonderful time together sharing all those giggles, whispers, making and learning by creating pets from Lego pieces. The moments we shared with the students there will always be cherished forever. The students all worked together in teams and shared the joy of learning. The moments that we shared with the students where they imagined, shared and made pets using Lego pieces was an encouraging experience for the BeeCreative team. ALOK Vidyashram #Alok #grade2 #LegoPet

  • The best part of learning is sharing what you know 🙂 What do you think? #AlokVidyashram ALOK Vidyashram

Adarsha Vidhya Mandir

BeeCreative at AVM 2074

  • " Challenges are what makes life intresting , overcomming them is what makes them meaningful" A 9V easily blows off a small LED. I challenged the students at #AVM to use a new electronic component given to them, to connect with the 9V battery and small LED without blowing it off. When one of the senior group finished it easily, others were struggling. I asked the other groups to learn from the group who had already done it. A Group of three girls were eager to go and learn. And later, one of the students from the group of girls went to teach the other groups who were struggling. It was a wonderful sight. And this is how we learn best - teaching and learning from each other, through collaboration. #Beecreative #UnderstandingResistance Adarsha Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School - AVM #sep8